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Packed onto the slopes of the Alborz Mountains, the metropolitan city of Tehran is situated in the north-central part of Iran and serves as Iran’s capital.

Tehran enjoys an intriguing mix of ancient Persian culture and modern history, while being home to many museums, parks, restaurants, historic houses and mansions, mosques and several churches.

A remnant of the Qajar dynasty, Masoudieh Mansion is one of the most dazzling palaces in old Tehran, which narrates the modern history of Iran with many ancient inscription and documents being kept in the site.

The Arbab Hormoz House belonged to a Zoroastrian, but was then converted into the Graphics Museum of Iran is considered as a must-visit place of Tehran.

Additionally, Qavam al-Saltaneh House and Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran, with a span of 7,000 square meters, is situated in a beautiful garden and was registered in the list of national heritage in 1998.

The Time Museum of Tehran with its beautiful Qajar style gate is located in a 6,000 square meter garden and is embellished with ornamental brickwork, mirror artwork, plasterwork, tile work and stone work. This museum presents an interesting and absorbing collection of timekeepers.

Iran's National Music Museum is an astonishing place that hosts more than 20,000 records of Iranian music history and more than 410 musical instruments. Visitors can almost feel themselves among distinguished musicians of Iranian history and listen to ancient Persian music.

Last but not least, Ferdows Garden, as a historical palace, sits in northern Tehran. It is part of a palace complex, which houses the Film Museum of Iran since 2002. Ferdows Garden consists of two castles, the North Castle and the South Castle.

Tehran offers eager tourists a little bit of everything, including a place where they can feel the pulse of modern Iran as well as old houses and mansions, which embrace a lot of historical memories and events in them.

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