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Tuesday May 1, 2018 12:531560

ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature film 'Lottery'

ifilm presents to you an exclusive report on the Iranian feature film 'Lottery' directed by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian.


Below are highlights of the report.

Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian, director: I’ve already mentioned it many times before. A friend of mine sent me a piece of music from Mohsen Chavoshi, so we could make a video clip of it.

Ebrahim Amini, scriptwriter: The idea for making ‘Lottery’ was shaped when a song by Mohsen Chavoshi called ‘Dubai’ or ‘Slaughterhouse’ was suggested to Hossein so he could listen to and make a video clip for it. Hossein had listened to the song and the idea of “Lottery” came to his mind. He thought that it was very interesting and could be turned into a movie.

Mahdavian: When I listened to the song, I felt that it’s very audacious. He was singing so bravely about an issue. It was a song by Ali-Akbar Yaghitabar. I felt that the idea could be turned into a movie. It began from there and went on.

After ‘Midday Event’, making ‘Lottery’ was a risk. And making my next movie can be a risk too. Basically filmmaking is a great risk; because you put yourself in the position for others to judge you.

Amini: As the scriptwriter, I wrote ‘Midday Story’ first, and this is the second one.

Mahdavian: Ebrahim and I have exciting experience while we are writing a screenplay. We interact a lot. We don’t have everything in our mind. We have to express our ideas and convince each other and discuss things. This challenge makes our work better.