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4 fun Facts about film history

Here are some things you possibly didn’t know about cinema.

There seems to be a never ending desire for people to uncover historical facts, and share it with others via the mass media. Here is another instance on film history.

At the outset, the word "movies" did not mean films, but rather it was used to refer to the people who made them.

Local American people who disliked the invading Easterners later on began to use it at large.

The first flick ever made was ‘In Old California’, a 1910 biographic melodrama that depicted a Spanish maiden.

The most filmed author has been William Shakespeare, including straight film versions, modern adaptations, ('West Side Story' [1961], 'The Lion King' [1994], etc.) and Shakespeare parodies.

And last but not least, amid the lingering moral crisis in the Hollywood, you might find it noteworthy that in 1887, when the Hollywood was established by Horace and Daeida Wilcox, they hoped it would become a religious community; so, they banned liquor from the town and offered free land to anyone willing to build a church.