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Friday May 11, 2018 21:37436

Imam Reza (AS) shrine hosts 'Prophet Joseph' main cast

Online footage has emerged showing spiritual moments of Iran actress Katayoun Riahi at Imam Reza’s (AS) shrine in Iranian holy city of Mashhad.

The actress was shown in the footage listening to Quran recitation at Imam Reza’s (AS) holy shrine.

For ifilmers such moments can be amazing as they can go way back with ‘Prophet Joseph' and the female lead.

Riahi was born on December 31, 1961 in Tehran. Initially, she was fascinated by the idea of writing books for children, before beginning to take interest in acting.

Her cinematic debut was 'Paeezan' (1987), but it was with the series 'The Patriarch'(1994) that she gained nation-wide fame and recognition.

Acting in the series 'Days of Life' (1998), 'After the Rain' (1999) and 'The 10th Night' (2001) aided her to establish herself as a versatile and dynamic actress.

The 2009 'Prophet Joseph' series enjoyed having her among the main cast members.

It is believed by various critics that Riahi's best performance has been in the movie 'The Last Supper' (2001), the role which brought her a Best Actress nomination at the 20th Fajr International Festival.