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Sunday May 13, 2018 08:05203

ifilm's exclusive report on 'Second Take ...'

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on 'Second Take on the First Incident' directed by Pouyan Baqerzadeh and produced by Yahya Mansour-Moayyed, starring Mehran Miri.

Below are highlights of the report.

Pooyan Baqerzade, director: 'The Second Take on the First Incident' is my first feature film. I have already made short films, and I was professionally involved in theater.

ifilm: Mr. Baqerzade was educated in England but then he decided to come to Iran and now he has continued his work here in Iran.

Baqerzade: I was studying abroad. I came to Iran four years ago. I was living in Iran for about 12 or 13 years. Back then I was living in England, I joined a theatrical group called 'The Barefoot'. The supervisor was Hamid Pourazari. We performed a theatrical play in England. When I decided to return to Iran, I thought about working on something. Based on my interests and experience I've already had in the cinema industry, I wanted to make a movie.

It was our choice for the movie to be made on low budget. We don't think that if we have a lot of money, we will go off and make another movie. No, it was our choice to work like this.

Mehran Miri, actor: Pooyan Baqerzade and I were friends for about five years. We were members of a theatrical group called 'The Barefoot'. He had talked to me a year before the project began. And when he started working on it, he trusted me with it.

The screenplay goes on like this; when the movie begins, it is the day that I have signed the contract and have left the director's office. I play jokes on a few of my friends who I've been living with for about eight years. The jokes I play aren't so pleasant and some events take place.


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