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Sunday May 13, 2018 12:13493

Politicization ruins filmmaking: Iran director

Iran director Jamal Shourjeh criticizes mainstream int’l festivals for being politicized.

Iranian director Jamal Shourjeh has slammed the political approach of some international film festivals, saying the picks are predominantly screened through a political sieve.

Shourjeh, who has a series titled ‘Prophet Moses’ in progress, noted that some international film awards, such as those offered by the Cannes and the Oscars, are being presented to movies that are aligned with their esteemed governments’ political stances.

He criticized such festivals for being staunch supporters of hegemonic powers.

The director, who has also been an advisor to the director of ‘Prophet Joseph’, said films praised by international festivals are usually only welcome overseas, while domestically they get little heed.

Shourjeh called for a return by such filmmakers to their own identity and cultural norms.