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Sunday May 13, 2018 17:11394

Inside the making of ‘Lottery’ romantic scene

Backstage of a romantic scene from social problem film ‘Lottery’ directed by Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian has been out.

‘Lottery’ goes on to be premiered in Iranian cinema theaters as it still stands among top hits in Iran 2018 box office.

A lineup of actors stars in ‘Lottery’, including Hamid Farrokhnejad, Mohammad Javad Ezzati, Saed Soheili, Hadi Hejazifar, Nader Soleimani and Ziba Karam-Ali.

‘Lottery’ was also screened at the 36th edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

The flick tells the story of Amirali and Nooshin who want to tie the knot but their families disagree. They decide to patiently pursue their dreams on winning US Foreign Ministry lottery for Green Card.