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Thursday May 17, 2018 08:30207

ifilm English to start airing new series ‘Cold Fever’

ifilm English website has reported that the respective channel is scheduled to air the series ‘Cold Fever’.

‘Cold Fever’, produced by Qasem Jafari and directed by Ali-Reza Afkhami, is set to go on air from Thursday, May 17, 2018.

In the series, Shahab Kianfar is a man on the verge of bankruptcy, despised by his father-in-law. He desperately needs to pull himself out of the situation.

When he realizes no other choice is available than to trick his nearest and dearest, he makes a plot that he thinks can surely extricate him from his distressing problem.

But before he even sets his plans into motion, he finds himself drowning in a horrific series of events he had not anticipated; events that might eventually destroy what’s left of himself and his broken family.

Among the actors starring in the series are Shahab Hosseini, Kambiz Dirbaz, Nafiseh Roshan, Mehdi Solouki, Hamid Goudarzi, Felor Nazari, Solmaz Ghani, Ilia Shahidifar, Shahrzad Abdolmajid, Mohsen Zehtab, and Soroush Sehhat.

‘Cold Fever’, made in 2003, will replace the series ‘Mehrabad’, to be broadcasted daily at 22:00 GMT.

ifilm English will also repeat each episode of the drama the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 GMT. The series is comprised of 21 segments.