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Iran actress Setareh Eskandari earns nod in Canada

Redline International Film Festival in Canada gives nod to Iran actress Setareh Eskandari for 'Chemical' by Ashkan Masti.

Redline International Film Festival in Canada has given Iran actress Setareh Eskandari nod for 'Chemical' by Ashkan Masti.

Setareh Eskandari has joined nominee list for Best Supporting Actress award at Redline film event in Canada.

Elli Tringou from Austria and Blanca Vivancos from the United States will also vie for the festival’s very same title.

The synopsis reads, "Just wondering if I was a boss before being a teacher? Or is it the other way around? That was what you wished for, you wanted to play the game."

Among the cast list are Setareh Eskandari, Aria Tavassoli, Amir Qasemi and Shida Khaligh.

Redline International Film Festival is currently a monthly short film festival and competition based in Toronto, Canada.

 The goal for the event is to reward and promote the best of the world’s indie short films. 

The event will present awards to the winners in Canada on May 31, 2018.