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'Like a Good Kid' reveals backstage photos

Iranian short film 'Like a Good Kid' reveals backstage photos.

Iranian short film 'Like a Good Kid' has revealed a clip from its backstage photos.

Directed by Arian Vazir-Daftari, the 20-minute short narrates the story of Sarah, a 22-year-old babysitter who looks after Matin, a five-year-old.

One day, Matin tells Sarah a story which makes her decide to steal from the house.

'Like a Good Kid' has so far experienced a number of international film events, including Cinéfondation section of Festival de Cannes in France and the Huesca International Film Festival in Spain.

Although, it is Arian Vazidaftari's only sixth work as a director, he has been able to make a name for himself with his previous work 'Not Yet'.

The cast include Shadi Karam-Roudi, Negar Abedi and Yazdan Kokabi-Saba.

'Like a Good Kid' has been scheduled to be screened at the Cinéfondation section of the Cannes Film Festival currently running in France.