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Monday June 11, 2018 17:20596

KSA to screen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) biopic after 4 decades

Historical epic 'The Message' on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is set to get theatrical release in Saudi Arabia after 42 years.

‘The Message’ is a 1976 epic historical drama directed by Moustapha Akkad which was banned in Saudi Arabia for more than 4 decades.

A 4K restored edition of ‘The Message’ is the first Arabic title to screen in Saudi Arabia.

The US pulled screening of the flick in theaters after controversies over the content and some characters.

Malek Akkad, son of director Akkad, said of the new screening event in KSA that “my father Moustapha didn’t have the chance to see” the cinema release of the flick, adding, "This is a tribute to him. He wanted to share his love of this culture and the important lessons of Islam and ‘The Message’ to everyone. Now, in a time when the world needs it most, his dream will come alive."

'The Message' has long been a staple in Muslim households, including Iranian families, during Islamic holidays.