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Monday June 18, 2018 21:13820

Parsa Pirouzfar sets out on ifilm journey

Parsa Pirouzfar sets out on a journey to your houses with new series

Parsa Pirouzfar sets out on a journey to your houses with new ifilm series ‘The Green Journey’.

The new show directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi is set to air on ifilm every evening at 23:00 GMT on ifilm

In the series, Iranian boy Daniel who had to leave Iran due to a chain of events is adopted by a Christian couple hailing from Germany. Finding out his German father and mother are not his real parents, Daniel returns to Iran to look for his biological parents. On his “green journey”, he gets to know people helping him in his quest and those trying to come in his way.

Parsa Pirouzfar has a bachelor’s degree in Painting from the University of Tehran. 

He made his cinematic debut in 1994 with the movie ‘Pari’ directed by Dariush Mehrjoui. 

In 1995, he took acting courses at Samandarian acting institute in Tehran.

Some of the movies in which he has appeared include ‘Banquet’ (1995), ‘Mercedes’ (1997), ‘Sheida’ (1998), ‘Waiting Girls’ (1999), ‘Objection’ (1999), ‘A Girl Named Tondar’ (2000), ‘The Lucky Bride’ (2002), ‘The Unwanted Woman’ (2004), ‘Mask’ (2004), ‘Absolutely Tame Is a Horse’ (2010), ‘Here, without Me’ (2010) and 'Closer' (2015).

‘In My Heart’ (1998), ‘The Green Journey’ (2001-2002) and ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ (2003-2009) are among series in which he has played. 

Pirouzfar’s performance in ‘Mom's Guests’ (2003) won him a Crystal Simorgh for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role from Fajr International Film Festival.