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Farabi director meets Bangladeshi producer Ananta Jalil

Iran's Farabi Cinema Foundation director meets Bangladeshi actor, director and producer in Tehran.

Director of Iran's Farabi Cinema Foundation Alireza Tabesh has met Bangladeshi actor, director and producer Ananta Jalil in Tehran, reaching agreement on coproduction.

Talking to the Iranian official at his office on Monday, Jalil has visited Tehran to talk about ways to cooperate with the Iranian foundation.

Bangladeshi producer discussed his plans for investing in a film on peace in Islam, the foundation announced during a press release.

Tabesh expressed great pleasure for the Bangladeshi director's choice to focus on a state-of-the-art topic. He noted that the world cinema and the cinema of the region need to produce films on such topics.

The Iranian director further noted that his organization is also interested in producing joint Iran-Bangladesh features, while the first stage would be to write a screenplay that satisfies both.

Both countries enjoy an extensive population with great fans for cinema, and the cinema of the two countries can meet the needs of the world and regional markets, the Iranian official added

For his part, the Bangladeshi producer talked about his plan to make a film to show the real Islam to the world.

Jalil added that he brought his ideas and thoughts to Iran to turn them into a film. He pinpointed that many Muslims in Syria and Yemen are suffering, while Islam is the religion of peace and friendship.

The Bangladeshi director announced his plan to produce the entire proposed movie in Iran, and to represent the beauty of Iran to his nation and the world.