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Thursday June 21, 2018 16:58271

Ditch cell-phones for books: Iran actor

Famed Iran actor Reza Kianian has requested a group of young Iranian students to swap their hand-phones for books.

Addressing a group of young students during a surprise birthday party for the actor at a Tehran film school, Kianian asked them to do so, adding, “If you are interested in acting you need to read books. You must read books written about acting.”

He also said that he has written five books which bear his views on acting.

Reza Kianian was born in Tehran but raised in Mashhad.

He holds a degree in Theater from Tehran University.

He began acting in plays in 1966 appearing in works such as ‘Antigone’, and ‘The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi’.

In 1989, he appeared in his first film 'All the Temptations of the Earth' by Hamid Samandarian.

At the 13th Fajr International Film Festival he was nominated for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for 'Kimiya' (1994).

Kianian has won Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for 'Glass Agency' (1997).

Some of Kianian’s other films and series are 'Patal and Small Wishes' (1989), 'The British Briefcase' (1999), 'Killing Dogs' (2000), 'Time of Rebellion' (2001), 'Qadamgah' (2003), 'A Piece of Bread' (2004), 'Zagros' (2005), 'There's Always a Woman Involved' (2007), 'Maritime Silk Road' (2010), 'The Rise of Mokhtar' (2009), 'A Cube of Sugar' (2010), 'The Long Path' (2012) and 'The Pahlavi Hat' (2012).