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Friday June 29, 2018 18:25517

ifilm on par with notable int’l channels: ‘Top Secret’ co-star

Iran actor Amir-Mohammad Zand co-starring in ifilm series ‘Top Secret’ has praised Iranian entertainment channel as the one on par with notable international networks.

He commented in an exclusive interview with ifilm Persian, “To the best of my knowledge, ifilm is one of the most notable channels in the world, adding he is more than pleased such channel exists.

‘It Might Happen to You’ star who lived and studied in Italy notes this channel has more room for improvement as well.

He liked his role in ‘The Night Bus’ film, adding the grey character is the one the actor finds most appealing.  

In response to a query regarding what he is up to these days, the actor said, “I signed up for a role in new Iranian series ‘Silent Death’ directed by Ahmad Moazemi,” adding his other role in upcoming sequel to ifilm popular series ‘Setayesh’ has less length with more depth.

Zand made his small screen debut in 2002 with the series ‘Thousands of Eyes’.

He has performed in the movies ‘Intersection’ (2005), ‘The Night Bus’ (2006), ‘Houra’s Night’ (2007), ‘Gold and Earth’ (2008) and ‘Mother Tongue’ (2010).

Zand has also acted in the series ‘It Was an Angel’ (2005), ‘Tell the World to Stop’ (2006), ‘A Few of Us’ (2007), ‘Operation 125 (2)’ (2010), ‘Setayesh (2)’ (2013), ‘Warm Winter’ (2014), ‘Top Secret’ (2014) and ‘The Fourth Sin’ (2015).