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Thursday July 5, 2018 10:21278

Ischia Film Festival screening Iranian ‘Limit’

The 16th Ischia Film Festival in Italy is screening Iranian acclaimed short film ‘Limit’.

The 16th edition of the Ischia Film Festival in Italy has been screening Iranian acclaimed short film ‘Limit’.

Directed and written by Javad Daraei, the 8-minute film which is his second flick, chronicles the story of a man in a quiet neighborhood, who asks the people around to help him, when all of a sudden, somebody goes into his home.

Daraei adopts a spiritual viewpoint in his movies, this time utilizing a narrative that aims at challenging the status quo regarding the rights of the disabled.

His film, ‘Limit’, depicts the trials and tribulations of handicapped people in their daily lives; issues that irk them given all the snap judgment around.

It has won three awards from three international festivals, namely the 7th St Cloud Film Fest and the 2nd Miami FearFest in the US, and the best foreign short film prize at the international Hollywood Hills Awards.

The award for best foreign short film at the 3rd Tryon International Film Festival in the US, the award for best picture at the 6th Bleedingham short horror film festival in the US, and the award for Best Fiction at the 10th Southampton Film Week 2017 in the UK are among the honors achieved by ‘Limit’.

Its admirations go on with Best Actor Award from the 2nd Piggy Bank Film Festival in India, the Third-Prize at the 12th Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival in the US, and Best Drama Award from the Niagara County Community College Film and Animation Festival in the US.

The 32nd Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in Florida, the US, recently praised the poster for ‘Limit’.

Kazem Mollaie's ‘Kupal’ from Iran is also competing at feature film section of the 16th Ischia Film Festival.

Internationally celebrated Iran director Mehdi Fard-Qaderi was among submission judges at the Ischia.

Fard-Qaderi’s ‘Immortality’ has grabbed the attention of many film festivals, including the best film award at the 15th edition of the Italian event.

The Ischia Film Festival cooperates together with the main Italian universities, providing research and data related to cinema tourism to be discussed in academic dissertations on territorial marketing, cinema and cinetourism.

The festival, now being held in Italy, has been slated for June 30-July 7, 2018. The winners will be announced on Saturday.