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Monday July 9, 2018 20:38363

Watch ifilm exclusive with ‘Haft-Seen’ star

Check out ifilm exclusive interview with ‘Haft-Seen’ star Setareh Eskandari on ‘Behind the Scenes’ show.

The popular ifilm star Eskandari said in an exclusive talk with ifilm of the series she starred in and aired by the channel.

Eskandari made her cinematic debut in ‘Rival of the Heart’ in 1997 and won the Best Actress award at the Fajr theater festival in 2001 for ‘The Joy of Influencing the Lives of the Unfortunate’.

The actress has starred in the series ‘The Gradual Death of a Dream’ (2006), ‘Until Morning’ (2006), ‘Factor 8’ (2008), ‘Passion to Fly’ (2011) and Haft-Seen (2013). 

Her movies include ‘The Visitor to Rey’ (2000), ‘Parya's Story’ (2010), ‘Yousef’ (2010) and ‘Unplanned’ (2013).

‘Haft-Seen’ is set just before the Persian New Year holidays when a tenant with a past eviction has to hand in the key to the next tenant.

Due to an accident which occurred to the landlord, both the previous and next tenants claim rights to the apartment. With nowhere else to live, the two very different families have to get along and live in the same place while trying to sort out issues.