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Thursday July 12, 2018 14:33147

Iran Box office top hits revealed

The list of bestselling films at Iranian box office for July 4-12, 2018, has been unveiled, with 'Millipede' joining this week chart.

The top movies at the Iranian box office from Wednesday last week to this Thursday are as follows:

‘Millipede' directed by Abolhassan Davoudi (Weekly gross: 24,203,490,000 Rials, Total gross: 26,389,040,000 Rials), 'Texas' directed by Masoud Atyabi (Weekly gross: 5,018,090,000 Rials, Total gross: 122,687,290,000 Rials), 'Woman's Enemy' directed by Karim Amini (Weekly gross: 2,662,970,000 Rials, Total gross: 17,491,350,000 Rials). 'Axing' directed by Behrouz Shoeibi (Weekly gross: 2,426,270,000 Rials, Total gross: 6,440,100,000 Rials), Don't Be Embarrassed' directed by Reza Maqsoudi (Weekly gross: 1,850,200,000 Rials, Total gross: 41,996,460,000 Rials).

“Reza, a criminal, finds out that a rich female doctor at war veteran hospital vows to marry a veteran. Reza who is an amputee without a leg wants to marry the doctor. However, things get out of hand in the middle,” a short synopsis for 'Millipede' reads.

‘Texas’ has an action comic theme and enjoys some foreign stars. “Never threaten an Iranian, even in Texas,” a tagline for the flick says.

'Woman's Enemy' features the story of those who go from a misogynist to feminist.

"There is nothing harder in life than being left alone. You see your loved ones and you love them, but they all deny you. They closed doors on you and you are alone. Loneliness is a swamp,” a short synopsis for 'Axing' reads.

‘Don't Be Embarrassed’ tells the story of a middle-aged couple expecting a baby. This brings them new challenges living in their small village.