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Sunday July 15, 2018 08:35199

Iranian ‘Song of Hands’ wins at Independent Shorts Awards

Iranian short ‘Song of Hands’ has won an award at the IMDb Award Listing Qualifier’s Independent Shorts Awards (ISA) in the US.

Written and directed by Hamzeh Zarei, the Iranian flick grabbed the platinum award for Best Narrative Short at the July 2018 edition of the ISA in Los Angeles.

‘Song of Hands’ is the story of a kid who loves to play a musical instrument, but the father breaks the instrument.

The short film has so far taken part at a number of international film events, including the Five Continents International Film Festival in Venezuela.

The ISA is a monthly international film competition, with an annual live screening event in North Hollywood, California.

Each month, the submitted projects are privately screened and judged by a random team of invited experts from academia and film industry, against a high standard of merit.

The monthly winners are automatically qualified to compete and be screened at the ISA annual event.


Giran Morad, Bosnia

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