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'Snake Venom' draws 'Jalal Edin' actress

Shabnam Moqaddami is to appear before the camera in Javad Razavian's 'Snake Venom'.

Shabnam Moqaddami is set to go before the camera in Javad Razavian's 'Snake Venom'.

'Jalal Edin' actress will fill a starring role for Javad Razavian's 'Snake Venom', produced by Javad Norouzbeigi.

According to local media quoting producer Norouzbeigi, the shoot for the flick will kick off in a month with the actor-turned-director Razavian not to take on a role in his own flick.

Born in 1972, Shabnam Moqaddami earned a degree in Persian Literature and participated in Amin Tarokh’s acting classes.

She made her radio debut in 1988 and in the same year took her first role in ‘The Wounded’.

Moqaddami has also tried her hand at radio performing.

She has appeared in series such as ‘Under the Blade’ (2006), ‘Fall of an Angel’ (2011), ‘Seven Stones’ (2014), 'Jalal Edin' (2014) and ‘Madineh’ (2014).

Her films include ‘From My Heart’ (2000), ‘In the Name of Father’ (2005), ‘There's Always a Woman Involved’ (2007), ‘The Child and the Angel’ (2008), ‘Kissing the Face of the Moon’ (2011), ‘The Lab’ (2011) and ‘Mirror and Candlestick’ (2012).

Moqaddami's appearances in ‘Breath’ (2015) and ‘Zapas’ (2015) won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 34th edition of Fajr Film Festival.