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Are you to choose a kid-friendly movie?

How to pick the right film for your child: part 2.

As a viewer of ifilm channel, you’re most probably concerned about the effect of what your family, and especially your child, watches. Here’s some more tips for you, discussed in a series of short articles.

Are you and your spouse into movies? It’s typical of many couples to spend some time before marriage, to go to cinema as a favorite pastime, let alone sticking to the habit, afterwards. Now, you have children, and you still LOVE to watch films. You might still be watching some films on the first day they’re released. Is it like you to drive 2 hours away to see this latest episode of a trilogy? So, how about your kids and the film content?

You might agree that a family movie night would be different from that of one prior to marriage. Your choices will be much more limited, given the common western-dominated cinema industry. So, a very common question would be what to watch. Here’s the next batch of tips.

Starting with the movies you’ve already seen, you’d be better off. Evaluating if they’re appropriate for your kids will be much easier, and if you get started by watching your favorites, you’ll be on the safe side. You might be kids of the 80s or 90s, and a quick search of the films you would watch as children back then, including those made for teenagers, might bring you a multitude of choices. There were episodes of series in the same genre that you’d lost. So, it will be quite fun and nostalgic for you, as well.

In the future episodes, we’ll try to raise our audience’s awareness of the choices awaiting them, and the fate they’ll bring about to their family, and especially kids. Take it seriously.