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Thursday August 16, 2018 16:421303

‘Detective Alavi’ helmer to blast weekend on ifilm

ifilm has lined up ‘Private Party’ for this weekend at the helm of ‘Detective Alavi’ director.

ifilm selects for this Saturday ‘Private Party’ by director of popular series ‘Detective Alavi’.

Hassan Hedayat is at the helm of this weekend’s movie on ifilm which takes place in a historical setting during the reign of former Iran dictator Reza Shah.

Looking at film and series credits of the director, it is quite visible Hedayat is fond of a combo genre of historical and detective.

ifilmers may well remember the director’s ‘Detective Alavi’ and its sequel with a grabbing theme on unraveling mysteries.

‘Private Party’ also bears the director’s hallmark in terms of being a historical film, though the real sense of a mystery to unravel is something that you should watch and share with ifilmers at the comments section down here. Giving you a hint, it is beyond what you think as a mystery.

Hassan Hedayat is an Iranian director who gained an academic degree in Management before switching to filmmaking.

In 1983, he wrote, directed and set designed his first feature.

Hedayat has made a number of movies, including ‘Fire in Winter’ (1985), ‘Private Party’ (1986) ‘The Grand Cinema’ (1989), ‘Grey City’ (1990), ‘Eye of the Devil’ (1993), ‘The Last Port’ (1994), ‘Light and Shadow’ (2001) and ‘Ungrateful’ (2009).

In addition to directing, he has experience in film production, editing, script writing as well as scenic/costume design.