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Aired movie under spotlight – ‘The Corridor’

ifilm brings you domestic critics’ views on ‘The Corridor’ – batch 1- a.

‘The Corridor’, recently aired on ifilm, is a movie much-reviewed by Iranian critics; we thought you deserve a share in the following few installments. Here is the first part.

Critic 1: Ali Farsi

The flick is not a full-fledged masterpiece, but rather a very outstanding start. It is a small, but successful step forward. The movie is a success as it keeps the audience upbeat till the last moment and pulls them to follow till the end.

It does not make a big claim and simply delves into its own vicinity well enough. The reason for the above view is that it deals with a sensitive issue which needs to be addressed well. But why is ‘The Corridor’ a success?

The film owes its achievement to the individual as well as collective accomplishments in four areas, namely the screenplay, the directing, the editing and last but not least, the acting.

The screenplay is mature and integrated. You do not face the main topic at the outset, but the topic is promoted so it becomes a concern for you. As the attention to the film’s main theme has repeatedly been drawn over the past few years, the audience is quite informed about it.

That is what peaked in 'I’m a Mother' in the past. Retaliation is a social issue which has even been raised in politics throughout history.

There has been widespread propaganda against the Islamic rule of retaliation under a humanitarian guise, while at times the stances are political.

On the other hand, it is known as a religious belief to help in stabilization of society. However, it has a bitter nature which makes it hard to judge about. Therefore, choosing the topic is a demanding mission.