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Iran short wins jury attention in Kosovo

Iran short film 'Forouzan' wins award at "Goddess on the Throne" filmfest in Kosovo.

Iran short film 'Forouzan' has grabbed the jury prize for short films at "Goddess on the Throne" filmfest in Kosovo.

Directed by Mirabbas Khosravinejad, the 12-minute film narrates the story of a young woman from a village who has lost husband and now lives with her two kids.

To watch over her flock against the thieves, she has to spend a sleepless night.

The short flick has already attended several international events, winning titles such as Best Short Film Award from FRESCO International Film Festival in Armenia.

Goddess on the Throne is an International annual Film Festival which is held in Kosovo.

The event aims to represent and promote Kosovo's cinematography worldwide by creating and maintaining contacts with the filmmakers from around the globe.

The 11th edition of the festival was held August 23-27, 2018.