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Saturday September 1, 2018 20:16354

ifilm exclusive: ‘Coma’ star Amin Tarokh talks on sequence

In an ifilm exclusive interview, veteran Iranian actor Amin Tarokh talks about his role in ‘The Green Journey’ series.

The actor who is also on ifilm current series ‘Coma’ said about  Mohammad Hossein Latifi’s ‘The Green Journey’, “Telling you from the bottom of my heart, I really love working with Latifi (the director),” adding that his series is one of the most memorable works in Iran TV productions."

One of the most memorable sequences of the series takes place when the actor has a monologue with God.

Revealing to ifilm about the impressive scene in ‘The Green Journey’, the actor said,  “In our conversations, I came to the conclusion that if this sequence did not go well, it could looked like propaganda more similar to a customized or made-to-order work and all efforts of the group would fail.”

He added, “The monologue was well written, and it was hard for me to play fairly well in this sequence. It was a kind of an argument with God and a sense of overwhelming sorrow about the fate of the Christian girl, but ultimately this character surrenders to God’s will due to his true belief.”

“Gathering all these feelings is difficult, but I am glad this sequence was well designed and the audience also believed us,” the actor concludes his remarks on the sequence.