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Sunday September 2, 2018 13:04203

First-timers in cinema history - 4

What led to the dynamic pictures we digitally watch today on the silver screen was a breakthrough every step of the way. ifilm invites you to join a walkthrough of those events in chronological order.

Having covered some major events till 1893, here is another historical period.


World’s first public Kinetoscope parlor was unveiled. 10 machines each showed a different movie.

The fees to see the movies was 25 cents each. However, with half a dollar, you would access the entire bill, to watch all the films.

The first film to be made in France was shot in this year.

The first film with live-recorded sound was made for Kinetophone, a proto-sound-film system developed by the famous inventor, Thomas Edison.


The first hand-colored movie was produced.

The first patented film projector, called Phantoscope, was introduced to display a film.

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