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ifilm exclusive interview with Mehran Ahmadi

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Iranian actor Mehran Ahmadi tells us about his ability to play different roles.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Iranian actor Mehran Ahmadi tells us about his ability to play different roles. 

Mehran Ahmadi (born 1973, Tehran) studied theater and began his cinematic career in 2006 with the movie ‘Adam’.

Television viewers mostly know him for the two roles that he played as “Behboud” and “Shakib” in ‘Capital’ and ‘Sound of Rain’, two completely different characters at two different TV series. Before this, he succeeded to gain fame by acting in features like “Twenty’, ‘Alzheimer’, ‘Absolutely Tame Is a horse’, ‘Hatred’. He is an actor who is so able to play the roles and be in situations which are highly emotional and full of excitement.

Mehran Ahmadi stars in TV series ‘Mehrabad’ which is currently being aired from ifilm Farsi. On this occasion, ifilm conducted an interview with him part of which is translated in English from Persian.   

ifilm: In my opinion, Your first characteristic is to be able to play in different roles. It is so surprising isn’t it?

Mehran Ahmadi: It’s kind of you. As an actor I have to do my duty well. To play in different roles is a part of my duty. From my point of view, an actor must have the ability to play in different, believable, and convincing roles. Acting is not just reciting the dialogue, laughing or expressing emotions.

Experiencing acting as well as being the student of acting for 24 years has taught me a lot of things. Some think that I have been a flash in the pan but I set foot in the world of acting in 1990. I have been active during all these years. I am somehow talented in this field and try to make use of it.

ifilm: of course, many other thespians have also been involved in the world of acting for years and have enough experience but, for any reasons, they cannot do the job well.

Mehran Ahmadi: Look, anytime that I want to play a new role I consider myself as a new person who has entered into the world of acting for the first time. I never think that I have reached to the end of my job and have become so dominant.

I believe that acting is a big lie and the actor has to illustrate that lie in the most realistic form because the viewer is supposed to believe it. The big lie should be so real and believable that when the actor plays it on the scene or in front of the camera the viewer believes it absolutely.