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Tuesday September 4, 2018 18:29392

ifilm exclusive report on Iran feature ‘Walking on String’

Watch ifilm's exclusive on Iranian feature ‘Walking on String’ by Ahmad-Reza Motamedi.

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on the Iranian feature ‘Walking on String’ directed by Ahmad-Reza Motamedi, starring Andisheh Fouladvand.

The film tells the story of a musician who plays traditional music and comes to Tehran for living, but after a while he is absorb and begins to play in an underground rock band.

Now it is about the dream of the underground music band to have a concert abroad. They prepare everything and intend to leave the country legally, but some problems force them to do it illegally. Then things do not go as expected.

Popular Iranian cineastes such as Ahmad Mehranfar, Hamed Komeili, Andisheh Fouladvand, and Houman Barqnavard have starred in the movie.

‘Walking on String’ has been on screen at some countrywide and global film festivals, including the 36th Fajr International Film Festival, the 8th London Iranian Film Festival in the UK, the 16th Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, and the 7th Iranian Film Festival Australia in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Born in Tehran in 1961, Ahmadreza Motamedi, PhD, is a graduate of Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Art. He began his career in the fields of books and the press and has been active as scriptwriter as well.

He has also made movies such as ‘The Fall’, ‘The Fair and the Ugly’, ‘The Insane Flew Away’, ‘Rule of the Game’, and ‘Alzheimer’.