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Wednesday September 5, 2018 07:45171

‘The Man with a Thousand Faces’ in spotlight

‘The Man with a Thousand Faces’ has been widely discussed and praised in local media, after virtually the entire nation watched it. ifilm shares with you excerpts from print-media reviews of the popular comedy series.



There’s a main theme in the series that centralizes honesty. It pinpoints that liars are not necessarily corrupt people, but that weaknesses and ordinary complexes in one’s mind could transform a simple-minded, naïve boy who comes from a working-class family in a town far away from the capital, to abuse people’s lives, property and face, simply because he gets a kick out of being praised, is pleased when he attains a position of power, and is excited when the circumstances allow.

The program has also got a political theme; without criticizing a particular faction or person, it deals with negativity, and its social, societal and psychological background; ones that pave the way for such unfavorable manifestations of human ego, to come to the fore.

There’s also an emphasis that certain individuals who forge titles, and accept key positions in the public or private sector, without enjoying the requisite skills and competence, are not necessarily evil, and even possibly don’t intend to cause harm, but it’s rather their ignorance, coiled with the public’s misunderstanding and exaggerations in commending them, that ends up in their appointment in positions they merely don’t deserve.



Stay with ifilm in this review of the popular comedy series, ‘The Man with a Thousand Faces’ in our future installments of the article.


Rahim Bhabha, India

This series was totally hilarious.