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Wednesday September 5, 2018 09:46286

Figures from movie industry worldwide

ifilm brings you worldwide cinema statistics in article series – part 5.

As global cinema industry figures are published annually, some of the figures might raise eyebrows, while others would simply astonish the readers. ifilm will, in this series of articles (in tips format), highlight some of those figures, based on globally published statistics for 2017.


The subsequent reports include both the theatrical market and home entertainment market.

16- People paid around $40 billion to watch films in cinema; i.e., global box office for all films in 2017. This was up 5 percent compared to the previous year’s total.


17- In North America, people showed 2% less interest in watching movies in theaters; the figure would be lots of money when you take the $11 billion box office for the region, into account.

18- The international box office (as juxtaposed to the global one –indicating sales in each country around the world, while the latter denotes sales of films overseas) saw a 7 percent rise, hitting $29.5 billion). That translates into people’s more interest in watching flicks produced in other countries.



19- The international box office comprised almost three quarters of the total box office, which was again %2 higher than that of the year before. Compared to 5 years ago, the figure shows an increase of 18 percent, while the global box office increased %13 over the same period.


Stay with ifilm, in the next section, covering the trends in the box office worldwide.