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Friday September 7, 2018 16:31534

ifilm interviews Saturday film director

ifilm has talked with director of this Saturday’s movie  ‘Restitution’, revealing interesting points on the flick.

Director Ali Ghaffari said to ifilm in an exclusive interview that his title hooks the viewers from a few minutes “after the hanging sequence,” adding, however, that such sequence was not supposed to be included in the final version.”   

That sequence could raise a question as to who the hanged man was, the director notes, adding the viewer can open the knots existing in the storyline of the flick as it follows.

Ghaffari said he likes making films with twists and mysteries to unravel along the way.

‘Restitution’ has been featured at a host of international film festivals, gaining acclaims for visual effects and scenic design.

An interesting point which came up in the interview was the flick shows some captures from the Grand Kremlin Palace in Russia.

Hamid Farokh-Nejad who won a Crystal Simorgh from Fajr fest for his appearance in ‘Restitution’ once told media in a comic tone, “Just me and Tom Cruise have had the chance to enter the Kremlin Palace.”

The other intriguing detail is that the cast and crew had to work in the freezing cold weather of Russia reaching minus 30 degrees Celsius.

We hope you will be geared up for this historical film with all temping details revealed in the ifilm exclusive interview with ‘Restitution’ director.