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Sunday September 9, 2018 13:00258

Figures from movie industry worldwide

ifilm brings you worldwide cinema statistics in article series – part 6.

As global cinema industry figures are published annually, some of the figures might raise eyebrows, while others would simply astonish the readers. ifilm will highlight some of those figures based on globally published statistics for 2017 during this series of articles (in tips format).

The subsequent reports include both the theatrical market and home entertainment market.

20- A review of Asia’s box office shows the market increased six percent in 2017, compared to the previous year.

21- The major propeller in such a growth was China; the country showed a 21 percent rise in its box office, compared to the year before.

22-The growth for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) box office was four percent during the same period. The primary players in such a market growth were Russia and Germany, with 22 and seven percent increase, respectively.

Once you look back at the figures published so far in the series of articles here, you might have noticed the trends in the entertainment industry; which could be interpreted as people showing more tendency toward entertainment.