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Wednesday September 12, 2018 16:25107

What is today's occasion in Iran?

National Day of Cinema in Iran is celebrated on September 12 with thespians reacting to the occasion in local media.

Annually the date, Shahrivar 21 in the Persian calendar, is marked as National Day of Cinema in Iran; the day that Iran cinema turns 120 years according to a narrative.

Some 40 cineastes were asked by local media to express feelings on such happy occasion for Iranian cinema.

Below are some excerpts of the most impressive quotes from what they said:

Today’s world without cinema would not be tolerable.

Cinema is one of realizations the civilization.

If what I say was not considered blasphemy, I could claim cineaste is a creator given that a new work comes into being out of nowhere.

A door opens and shoots us into different worlds; if this is not a miracle, then what is?

Cinema is like a magician embracing you like a lover and such love becomes heavenly.

When I was 14, I wanted to be a painter for sure. When I got to know cinema, I figured painting is just one of the things I wanted to go for.

Like the sentences above, can you describe cinema in your own words on its national day in Iran?