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Wednesday September 12, 2018 17:14149

Iranian Artists Forum to honor ‘Imam Ali (AS)’ star

Iranian Artists Forum is set to paid tribute to veteran Iranian actor Daryoush Arjmand starring in popular ifilm series ‘Imam Ali (AS)’.

The ceremony to be held Friday at the forum will unveil a book authored by the actor who played the leading role in ‘Imam Ali (AS)’.

The book is play by the title ‘A Sheep Had by a Great Man Been Rescued’ which conjures up a hemistich by renowned classical Persian poet Saadi.

Below is the full story from Saadi's Golestan in verse:

I heard that a sheep had by a great man

Been rescued from the jaws and the power of a wolf.

In the evening he stroked her throat with a knife

Whereon the soul of the sheep complained thus:

Thou hast snatched me away from the claws of a wolf,

But at last I see thou art thyself a wolf.'