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Friday September 14, 2018 17:03216

‘Factor 8’ star Bazeghi gets surprised in stunt

'Factor 8’ star Pejman Bazeghi has been caught surprised in a hidden camera moment on his birthday.

Recent online footage shows how ‘Passing Through the Hardships’ star reacted when the hidden camera captured his surprised face in a stunt.

 Pejman Bazeghi’s family is originally from the Caspian region in northern Iran, but he was born in Tehran.

It was during his time in Lahijan that he joined the Gilan Youth Cinema Center and appeared in his first movie 'The Confession' (1994).

After moving to Tehran, Bazeghi has appeared in series, such as 'The Friendship Agency' (1998-1999), 'Under the City Sky' (2001), 'The Seamen' (2002), 'The Man with a Thousand Faces' (2007), 'The Man with Two Thousand Faces' (2008), 'Hidden Government' (2014) and ‘Passing Through the Hardships' (2014).

He has also acted in movies such as 'Puberty' (1998), 'Girl in a Cage' (2001), 'The Duel' (2003), 'Friday Soldiers' (2003), 'The Wrangler' (2007), 'Leila's Sleep' (2008), 'Death is My Business' (2010), 'Unripe Pomegranates' (2013), 'The Main Target' (2014), and 'Nahid' (2015).