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Sunday September 16, 2018 11:30323

First-timers in cinema history - 5

The unmatched in history of cinema - part 5.

What led to the dynamic pictures we digitally watch today on the silver screen was a breakthrough every step of the way. ifilm invites you to join a walkthrough of those events in a chronological order.

Having covered some major events till 1895, here is another historical period.



Britain entered cinema industry with its first film by Robert W. Paul and Birt Acres.

The first book on film history, titled ‘History of the Kinetograph, Kinetoscope and Kinetophonograph’ was published. It was penned by Antonia and William Kennedy Dickson.


The first building ever to be dedicated merely to showing films was inaugurated in Louisiana, the US. Actually, the place had been a vacant store that was turned into a movie theater.

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