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Monday September 24, 2018 17:34610

Can you relate to ‘A Cage to Fly’ after a few episodes?

ifilm new series 'A Cage to Fly' has just begun with a theme on war and love.

The series portrays the life of a young man from Tehran named Ehsan, who wants to marry the daughter of his sister’s neighbor in Khorramshahr. As he travels from Tehran to Khorramshahr to visit his sister, he gets caught in the war and is taken hostage by the Iraqis. Struggling to escape from captivity and go back home, he faces many problems.

The intersection of war and love is the locus of the series with great acting of Amin Zendegani and Nafiseh Roshan.

‘A Cage to Fly’ sets in a crucial-cum-bitter time in Iran history when the country was involved in a war with Iraq. While war as a one-track entity can be detrimental, human needs and emotions are inevitably shaped.

In such volatile moments in Iran history, the series aims to portray human relations in tough situations.