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Monday October 1, 2018 16:32232

Chomsky sends note to Iran fest

Notable US political critic Noam Chomsky has sent message to Int’l Resistance Film Festival in Iran.

The IRFF public relations department said the Chomsky note lauded what the Resistance fest accomplished in confronting extremism through films and video production.

The great political activist and linguist also noted that the event is a proper attempt which highlights the root cause of violence and extremism instigated by the US and allies.

This comes as 2018 International Resistance Film Festival (IRFF) has received submissions from 73 countries.

Most submissions hail from US and France filmmakers while 691 documentaries and 215 features have been registered as entries from Germany, Turkey, England, Italy, Canada, Spain, Brazil and other countries.

The 15th edition of International Resistance Film Festival (IRFF) will be running in late November in Tehran.