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Thursday October 4, 2018 17:10287

Making money at any cost? ifilm weekend flick answers

ifilm weekend flick ‘A Gift from India’ is comedy themed on how some people make money at any cost, a review says.

 The rave review on the flick directed by Mohammad-Reza Zehtabi said the comedy featuring great Iran comedian Akbar Abdi depicts how some people go against their morals to grab money by crushing people under their feet.

The film is set in Iran’s late 1980s when a bunch of leeches feeding off the hard-working majority were busy piling up basic goods of common people for speculation.

What is so special about the flick is a love story running deep along the main theme of ifilm movie for this Saturday.

 The young man in the pic is in love and he wants to push his limits to win the love of his dream lady. But, would this really work out? Should the young man make money at any cost to marry his love?

Our community idolizes people with money; however, can we extend this empty motto to our love life?

Wait till following Saturday to see how characters react to such questions in ‘A Gift from India