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Thursday October 11, 2018 10:04140

Int’l conference on cinema in digital world to be held in Iran

Tehran is to host int’l conference on cinema in digital age.

Tehran has been scheduled to play host to an international conference on cinema in digital age in November.

The Iranian National School of Cinema (INSC) will launch conference in Tehran on November 12.

A number of scholars and experts on digital technology in film and cinema industry, from various countries, have been invited or submitted request to attend the three-day conference.

The INSC Managing Director Rouhollah Hosseini said, “Iranian national school of cinema is a venue to recognize and introduce modern technologies such as digital technology to cineastes and those active in this field.”

“The conference also aims to recognize the potentials related to modern visual technology in the country and support them, while it also means to achieve a proper understanding of the digital phenomenon and study its relation with the cinema industry,” he added.

Hosseini further noted that several other scholars and experts on literature and communications have been invited to attend the conference to discuss the impacts of the new technologies on culture and society.

The Iranian National School of Cinema is an affiliate with the Cinema Organization of Iran.