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Friday October 12, 2018 17:54203

‘Many baby girls named Setayesh in Iran’

Many Iranian parents have named their baby girls after the titular character of ‘Setayesh’ series as popularity of the show played out.

According to a list for most frequent names of newborns accumulated by Iran National Organization for Civil Registration, the name Setayesh which was not previously in circulation suddenly got more social currency in 2001 as parents chose such name for their newborn daughters.

The number of baby girls named Setayesh was on the hike, ranking third in 2009 after the names of "Fatemeh" and "Zahra". This was partly due to the huge success of the series in conjunction with production year of the drama.

The trend continued for three more years following second installment of ‘Seyatesh’ series made in 2011.

This comes as the third sequel to ‘Setayesh’ takes final post-production stages to be ready for screening on the small screen.

The story of the third season picks up from where the season two left off.

Narges Mohammadi stars as the female lead in the original ‘Setayesh' alongside veteran Iranian actor Daryoush Arjmand.

A plot summary for ‘Setayesh’ season 1 reads, “Taher has just finished two years of military service, defending Iran against Saddam Hussein's war of aggression. His friend, who's deserted the frontline, wants Taher to help smuggle him out of the country.”

Despite his better judgment, and at the insistence of his friend's sister, Setayesh, he agrees. Taher and Setayesh eventually grow fond of each other and make plans to marry.