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Monday October 22, 2018 16:34147

Shooting stage for ‘Setayesh’ sequel underway

Sequel to ifilm popular series ‘Setayesh’ is in development with the shooting stage underway in Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The filming for new Iranian series as the third season of ‘Setayesh’ original will take for the next three months.

Saeed Soltani’s new offering is currently shooting scenes in the western part of Iranian capital.

The new cast of actors along with stars in past seasons of the show will be presented as a new story unfolds.

Narges Mohammadi stars as the female lead in the original ‘Setayesh' alongside veteran Iranian actor Daryoush Arjmand.

A plot summary for ‘Setayesh’ season 1 reads, “Taher has just finished two years of military service, defending Iran against Saddam Hussein's war of aggression. His friend, who's deserted the frontline, wants Taher to help smuggle him out of the country.”

The screenplay for a total of 20 series episodes has been written by Saeed Motalebi.