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Saturday November 3, 2018 17:18433

Iran cinemas host US solider film sub-themed on Arbaeen walk

Iran box office flick 'Stranger' with US marine as female lead is sub-themed on Arbaeen walk.

Iran box office flick 'Stranger' (Fascination Steps) with US marine as female lead features the Arbaeen walk.

Directed by Hamid Bahmani, the film opened in Iranian cinemas in conjunction with the Arbaeen march which marks the 40th day after Imam Hussein’s (AS) martyrdom on the Ashura Day.  

The flick screening last Wednesday is another grabbing film which narrates a story on a female US solider named Julia played by Lebanese actress Laurette Hnayno.

 “Julia tries to hand in some documents to her friend who is a reporter. While doing this, one of the scenarios of the liberation of Iraq is relieved,” a brief synopsis for the flick reads.

In the flick, the Arbaeen march is depicted as well as the US atrocities in Iraq after invading the Arab country.

This year, millions of people attended the Arbaeen march as one of the largest human gatherings on the planet.