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Thursday November 8, 2018 21:41811

Hasti Mahdavifar talks about Raha of 'Like a Mother'

Hasti Mahdavifar has learnt to play various roles. In the series 'Like a Mother' she has starred as an addicted school girl.

Hasti Mahdavifar has learnt to play various roles. In the series 'Like a Mother' she has starred as an addicted school girl. We've talked to her about the series and her personal life.


In this series you've featured the character of Raha who is addicted in a very young age. What have you done to get yourself near to the character?

I often get help from movies. So before the shooting starts I watch movies of the same theme so my mind can be ready. Addiction is the only issue that I'm scared of in whole my life; though I am a brave person. I always avoid people with addiction.


You said you are a brave person. Do you favor excitement?

Very much. My job, acting, is full of excitement and adventure because every time you are engaged with a new character that is very different and you have to discover all the aspects. But I stopped to have a normal life since I entered cinema.

What kind of adventures have you had before?

I used to be into astrology and I wasn't home most of the time, travelling through the deserts. I loved astrology because many interesting things happen in this atmosphere. But unfortunately I haven't had enough time to work on it.


What do you do in your leisure time?

I often watch movies in my free time. Unfortunately I don't read many books. I do exercises too.

What kind of sports do you do?

I'm not professional but I do bodybuilding, swimming and horse riding. It is mostly fun for me.


In 'Like a Mother', Raha is a girl who has issues with her family. How is your relationship with your parents?

My father has passed away and I live with my mother and brothers. I have a very good relationship with them.



What is their opinion about your works specially in 'Like a Mother'?

My mother and brother encourage me. Unlike many, I had no issues with my family considering cinema and acting. They liked my artistic career. But my mother was somehow annoyed with my role in 'Like a Mother'. Maybe it was hard for her to see me in the role of an addict.


Do you rather acting or filmmaking?

Frankly? (Laughing) Filmmaking. Because as an actress, I'm not the real me, and it is not myself who is controlling me. I'd rather to manage everything so I can prepare the situation as it is. Acting is very pleasant and easy, looking from outside, while it is not like that at all.

How was playing alongside the stars of 'Like a Mother'?

I just can say that each one of them is incredible. I am talking about their personality. Ms. Zangeneh was so kind and companion. Mr. Soltani guided me with a special calmness. Besides, up to now, I haven’t had a good male supporting character, but Abbas Ghazali was wonderful. I really enjoyed this cooperation. It was a very sweet experience though it was very hard.