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Friday November 9, 2018 23:0387

Legendary Iranian director to be commemorated at Resistance Filmfest

The late Iranian director of 'The British Briefcase' Seyyed-Ziaeddin Dorri is scheduled to be honored at 2018 Resistance International Film Festival in Tehran.

The latest edition of the Iranian film event will be paying homage to the late director who passed at 65 due to liver failure.

After beginning his career as an assistant director for the movie 'Whirlpool' (1981), Dorri directed 'Thunderbolt' (1984) in what would be the first of many films. Other films in his prolific resume include, 'Cinema is Cinema' (1997), 'The Legion' (1998), 'Forbidden Love' (2005) and 'Deborah and I' (2005).

Dorri also directed numerous television series, including the blockbuster hits 'The British Briefcase' (1999) and 'The Pahlavi Hat' (2006-2011), which were also aired on ifilm.

'General Sanjar Khan' was the latest project that Dorri was working on which didn't make it to the production phase due to his passing.

The RIFF is being organized every year by the Revayat Cultural Foundation and the Film Association of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense in collaboration with other cultural organizations.

The 15th edition of the RIFF will be held on November 26-December 1, 2018, at Felestin Theater Hall in Tehran.