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Tuesday November 13, 2018 18:57133

Cinema Verite to be held in Charsou Cineplex

Charsou Cineplex is slated to host the Cinema Verite for the third year in row.

Located in the capital city of Tehran, the Cineplex will host the various sections of the 12th edition of the festival.

Organized by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, the first edition of the Cinema Verite was held in 2007.

Over the past decade it has emerged as one of the most important events on Iran's documentary film calendar.

The Cinema Verite aims at protection of the nation's identity, promoting creative documentary, reinforcing the link between documentary cinema and social facts and events, introducing new global developments in documentary cinema, providing financial support for documentarians by distributing and screening their works in other festivals and removing hurdles to film production.

The 12th edition of the Cinema Verite is slated for December 9-16, 2018, in Tehran.