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Wednesday November 14, 2018 08:4493

Tehran Short filmfest names Audience picks on days 3, 4

The 35th edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival has announced top five audience picks for the third and fourth days.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Short Film Association, audience choice for top five films on the third day of 35th Tehran International Film Festival include ‘Blister’ by Morteza Shams, ‘Willed’ by Ashkan Kheilnejad, ‘Cerelac’ by Mehrdad Hassani, ‘Cover’ by Vahid Alvandifar, and ‘Wet Cat’ by Mohammad Davoudi.

The audience choice for top five films on the fourth day of 35th Tehran International Film Festival include ‘Pedovore’ by Mohammad Kart, ‘Takleef’ by Ali Khoshdouni, ‘Citizen’ by Mehdi Mokhtari, ‘Like A Good Kid’ by Arian Vazir-Daftari, and ‘20’ by Behrang Mirzaei.

In ‘Blister’, a man hides his job from his wife. His wife wants to find out the truth, but it creates bigger problems for him and a disaster happens.

“The one who is willed, is unable,” a short synopsis for ‘Willed’ reads.

In ‘Cerelac’, Mahboubeh is a mother who will do anything for the future of her baby.

In ‘Cover’, two of Ahmad’s friends are delivering his dead body from the morgue to his village for burial. On the way, Ahmad suddenly comes back to life. Once he recovers from his confusion, he decides not to return to his old life.

‘Wet Cat’ tells the story of an immigrant boy who needs to do something in confronting two human smugglers, but the situation goes in a different way. “Nothing is more powerful than a childish love,” a short synopsis for ‘Pedovore’ reads.

‘Takleef’ is set during a ritual ceremony in a multi grade school, where Pardis -a high school student - is obligated to accompany an elementary student, Naghmeh.

In ‘Citizen’ all citizens of the world’s major cities are involved with very serious personal problems that disturbed their lives. Recently, a large corporation with many branches has been established to contain such problems throughout the world’s major cities to provide significant services to the well-being of citizens.

‘Like A Good Kid’ is about Sara, a babysitter of 7-year-old Matin. One day Matin tells a story that makes Sara plan to steal something from their house.

In ‘20’, a young woman cannot take her heavy groceries home. She asks a little boy to help her. But that is just the beginning. The story brings two perfect strangers into each other’s personal lives.

The 35th edition of the Tehran Short International Film Festival has been slated for November 9-13, 2018, in the Iranian capital city.