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Wednesday November 14, 2018 22:19919

Maryam Kaviani talks about her role in 'The Fifth Sun'

Born in 1970, Maryam Kaviani graduated in Nursing.

Born in 1970, Maryam Kaviani graduated in Nursing. She has the series 'The Fifth Sun' on ifilm English, starring as 'Maryam' one of the main characters. We have talked to her on the series.


How do you see your role in the series?

It is appealing. If I had a choice to choose between Maryam and Homa, I'd definitely choose Maryam. Because the character has ups and downs. I like the ethos and it is interesting to me.


What measures have you taken to show the differences between the two age sections of Maryam?

I act the young and old age of Maryam and I tried to act as the proper age section. I even considered the way I was saying the dialogues. Also in the old age,  I tried to support the character with a slow rhythm, movement and speech.


In the series which of the supporting actors had the most mutual sequences with you?

It was the first time I was co-acting with Hamid Goudarzi. Most of the crew of Mr. Afkhami are the ones that I have worked with before. But in this series I had new experiences with Ms. Mahvash Sabrkon, Shahram Qaedi and Hamid Goudarzi and it was a very pleasant cooperation.


Are you satisfied acting in the series?

I always say that I could've done better when I watch my works. But considering Alireza Afkhami's works, I have always been satisfied and got a good result because I have listened to the directors instructions carefully.


What else you would like to add to the interview?

I can just say that I wish the human mind could have so much power to see the future and prevent themselves from making mistakes. If I could see the future, I would act as in the series and tried to stop bad things happen and to live the right way.