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Midday Adventures releases backstage footage

Iranian movie 'Midday Adventures: Blood Trap' releases brand new behind-the-scenes footage.

Iranian movie 'Midday Adventures: Blood Trap' directed by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian has released brand new behind-the-scenes footage.

'Midday Adventures: Blood Trap', sequel to the original 'Midday Adventures' movie, is a political drama based on true events from the early days of the government of the Islamic Republic. At a time of heightened political tensions, a rogue terrorist group known as the MKO begins to assassinate government officials and innocent civilians. Meanwhile, a group of brave, selfless members of the revolutionary guards begin to hunt them down in a set of sophisticated intelligence operations.

The original 'Midday Adventures' had won numerous awards, including the Crystal Simorgh for Best Film at the 35th annual Fajr Film Festival in 2017.

The highly acclaimed political drama recently wrapped up shooting and is expected to participate in the 37th annual Fajr Film Festival in 2019.