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Wednesday November 28, 2018 22:53746

Hamed Komeili talks about his role in 'Floating in a Bubble'

Iranian actor Hamed Komeili has talked about his role Ramin Moezzi in 'Floating in a Bubble'.

Born in 1982 in Isfahan, Hamed Komeili has a degree in business management.

He worked as a stage actor for 10 years, initially starting out in theatre, before moving to the capital city of Tehran.

Komeili’s performance in Sirous Moghaddam’s 'Floating in a Bubble' (2006) brought him popularity.

He has talked about his role Ramin Moezzin in 'Floating in a Bubble'.


Tell us about your role Ramin Moezzi in the series.

Ramin Moezzi is a boy who returns to Iran after 15 years to payback what had happened to him in the past. Considering this logic, he takes actions which form the main story of the series.


What factors did the role had that made you accept it?

First of all, the role was far too different from my previous roles. The character was negative and at the same time positive. Or we can say that it was extremely positive and extremely negative. Albeit, judging about the goodness or badness of the character is upon the viewers. If the viewers justify his actions, he is positive and if they don’t, he is negative.


What efforts did you make to get to the role?

I believe that there is a side in all of us which we intentionally underestimate and that's revenge. I tried to wake that side of me and look into it. We mostly think about forgiving more than taking revenge because of our religious beliefs. I approached with the revenge side in this series. I tried to explore that side and appear in it before the camera.


Is it important for you to play a negative or positive role?

No. It is not important for me to either have negative or positive roles. The internal and external features of the character in the story are important for me. I try not to miss a good role in a good story, and the negative or positive aspect of the role comes second. For example, about the character of Ramin in 'Floating in a Bubble', I tried to show it as a unique negative character and thanks to the writer and director of the series that happened. The role was not just as negative as the other negative characters, but in times it even looked rightful.


We would be glad to hear you if there are anything else you would like to add.

I am happy that I appeared in the series 'Floating in a Bubble' alongside my mentor Mr. Ali Nasirian. I also thank Sirous Moqaddam for trusting me.